Tea Club

Our Tea Club has a simple aim: to combat social isolation by bringing people together. ‘How does this relate to tea?’ I hear you ask. Well, Chinese tea drinking is a world away from just flipping on the kettle. Chinese tea drinking is a highly social activity, and it stimulates lively conversation in a way that is spontaneous and organic. We also supplement the tea drinking experience by discussing many aspects of mindfulness that are found in Chinese philosophy and even undertake some meditation exercises together. We also have an abundance of Chinese culture books to read, games and activities to play, we will even lead you in some simple Tai Chi exercises to support your physical wellness. Those activities bring people together in a dynamic way. Sharing experiences cultivates a sense of community and belonging that is unlike any other human endeavour.


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sadly there are only 30 sPACES  in each session and they fill up quickly.  make a reservation today.